The Sugary Sweets Wiki is a collaborative database on the wonders of sugary sweets. The Founder past away and before she left she wanted me to be the founder of her successful wiki. She gave me all the best admin rights she could. From that day on I turned that poorly detailed wiki into something better than it really is. There is over 50 pages and I am doing my best to continue her legacy to make The Sugary Sweets Wiki into something amazing.

I worked as hard as I could to make the wiki's format better. If you go on that wiki everything you see there is made by me. Yes it is true that it said another user made it but when I didn't have this account yet I edited in her name to make her look good. When I got my own account I used it to give myself my own name. I worked and worked a worked as hard as I could. Finally, after weeks and weeks of work, I finished. The Sugary Sweets Wiki officially became a succsessful wiki. Not only did I complete all the missions on the dashboard, I did everything. Everything you see there was designed and created by me. The only thing that was missing was contributors. I wished users would go on my wiki. Everything was done. I wished users would go on it. I tried my best to do all I could but no one would go. Still today I am never giving up. I hope this will tell others about my journey to a succsessfull wiki. That is the Sugary Sweets Wiki Story.

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