Your Wiki, Your Story

Have you created a successful wiki? Want to share your wiki experience with everyone? Now you can! First, you can go and create an article (name it whatever you want), then, you can write about it, and see what people think about it. If your story is good enough, then it could be featured below. But if you want your story featured, here are the rules:
1. Your story must have a link to you most successful wiki.
2. Your story must have a one picture
3. Your story must be over 2 paragraphs long
4. You must have fun

The Sugary Sweets Wiki Story
by Wookie Worrior


The Sugary Sweets Wiki is a collaborative database on the wonders of sugary sweets. The Founder past away and before she left she wanted me to be the founder of her successful wiki. She gave me all the best admin rights she could. From that day on I turned that poorly detailed wiki into something better than it really is. There is over 50 pages and I am doing my best to continue her legacy to make The Sugary Sweets Wi.... Read More >

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  • Joletole

    The New Tabber!

    June 29, 2012 by Joletole

    With some new renovation, I have finally added a tabber. So you can now go through the different tabs and see what that tab has to say. So far there are only three tabs, home, featured story, and poll. The home tab is the main tab, the tab that has …

    Read more >

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